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At Lozman Orthodontics in Albany, Dr. Robin, Dr. Micheal and our dedicated team are passionate about creating beautiful, healthy smiles with our state-of-the-art braces. We understand that each patient's needs are unique, and we're committed to providing personalized, effective orthodontic care.

How Do I Clean And Care For My Braces?

Our Braces Options: Metal and Clear

Lozman Orthodontics is proud to offer a variety of braces options to suit every preference and orthodontic need:

braces treatment Latham NY
Metal Braces: The Gold Standard in Orthodontics

Metal braces have been the cornerstone of orthodontic treatment for decades, and for good reason. They are incredibly effective at correcting a wide range of dental and jaw alignment issues. At Lozman Orthodontics, we utilize the latest advancements in metal braces technology, offering smaller, more comfortable brackets and advanced wires that minimize discomfort and treatment time. Despite the emergence of newer treatments, metal braces remain a popular and reliable choice, capable of delivering precise results and transforming smiles.

braces treatment Latham NY
Clear Braces: Aesthetic and Effective

For patients seeking a less noticeable option, clear braces at Lozman Orthodontics provide an excellent solution. Made from ceramic or composite materials, clear braces offer the same effective treatment as metal braces but with the advantage of being much less visible. They are especially popular among teens and adults who are concerned about the aesthetics of traditional braces. Clear braces blend in with the natural color of your teeth, providing discretion without sacrificing the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment.

Do I Need Dental Insurance to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

The Orthodontic Process at Lozman Orthodontics

Your orthodontic journey at Lozman Orthodontics begins with a comprehensive consultation. During this initial visit, Dr. Robin and Dr. Micheal will discuss your treatment goals, perform a detailed examination, and take necessary x-rays to develop a customized treatment plan. Whether you opt for metal or clear braces, our team will guide you through every step of the process, from fitting your braces to adjusting them regularly until your treatment is complete. We are dedicated to making your orthodontic experience as comfortable and successful as possible, ensuring you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

Prioritizing Your Care and Comfort

At Lozman Orthodontics in Albany, your care and comfort are our top priorities. We are committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly and welcoming environment. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and begin your journey to a beautiful smile with the confidence that you are in expert hands.