Invisalign First

You’ve more than likely heard of Invisalign clear aligners. You might have even heard about Invisalign for Teens. But did you know that Invisalign has another line of clear aligners for younger children? It’s true! Lozman Orthodontics is proud to offer Latham, New York, Invisalign First, the clear aligner treatment program for children.

Why Choose Invisalign First?

Every parent wants the best for their child, especially regarding their health and well-being. Sometimes, improving your child’s well-being means enhancing their smile with orthodontic care! When we think of orthodontic treatments, the image that often comes to mind is traditional metal braces with wires and brackets. While effective, these can sometimes be uncomfortable for kids and might not always offer the smoothest experience.

Invisalign First is an innovative solution designed specifically by Invisalign with younger patients in mind. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign First offers nearly invisible clear aligners. The lack of metal rubbing against the cheek can make all the difference for some children. These aligners are also removable, making it easier for kids to develop and maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing without obstructions. Your child can also continue to eat all their favorite snacks and meals, which is perfect for children with minimal diets.

But the advantages of Invisalign First go beyond just looks and ease of use. Each set of aligners is crafted uniquely for your child’s mouth, ensuring a snug fit and precise movement of the teeth. This personalized approach means that the treatment is efficient, with teeth moving to their desired positions in a controlled manner.

What Can Invisalign First Do?

Every child’s smile is unique, and so are the orthodontic challenges they might face. Fortunately, Invisalign First can address various issues, even before all permanent teeth have come in. 

  • Dental Arch Development & Expansion: One of the roles of Invisalign First is to help develop or expand the dental arch. This feature ensures enough space for permanent teeth to come in correctly. 
  • Spacing/Crowding: Whether there are gaps between teeth or they’re too close together, Invisalign First can help in spacing them out evenly or bringing them closer, as needed.
  • A-P Correction: This refers to the anterior-posterior (front-back) positioning of the two rows of teeth. An example of A-P misalignment would be if the upper front teeth jut out too far over the lower teeth. These malocclusions can affect the smile’s appearance and the bite’s function. Invisalign First can make precise adjustments to correct these anterior-posterior discrepancies, securing a balanced and harmonious bite.
  • Tooth Protrusions or Interferences: Sometimes, teeth might protrude in a way that interferes with normal bite or speech. Invisalign First can correct such issues, ensuring a comfortable bite and clear speech.

How Do Invisalign First Aligners Differ From Invisalign And Invisalign for Teens?

Invisalign First isn’t just a smaller version of the adult aligners; it’s tailor-made for young, growing smiles! 

  • Adaptable to Growth: Children’s mouths are constantly changing landscapes. As they grow, their dental needs shift. Invisalign First aligners can adapt to these changes to ensure the treatment remains consistently effective even as baby teeth make way for permanent ones.
  • Designed for Shorter Teeth: It’s a fact—kids often have shorter, smaller teeth compared to adults. Recognizing this, Invisalign First comes with features tailored to grip these shorter teeth securely. A snug and comfortable fit means each aligner is effective and barely noticeable.
  • Support for New Teeth: As new permanent teeth emerge from the gums, Invisalign First aligners will make certain they grow straight and align perfectly with their neighbors without interrupting or pausing treatment. 

How Long Does Invisalign First Take To Complete?

The duration of Invisalign First treatment varies for each child, depending on their unique orthodontic needs. On average, the journey to a beautifully aligned smile with Invisalign First spans six to eighteen months. Regular visits to the orthodontist allow for timely adjustments to create the best results in your child’s evolving smile.

Discover If Your Child Qualifies For Invisalign First With Lozman Orthodontics!

Deciding if your child is right for metal braces or Invisalign First can be challenging. The easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to know which is best for your child’s needs and lifestyle is to attend a free consultation at Lozman Orthodontics!

We can create a personalized treatment plan for your child at a commitment-free appointment so you can find out what your child needs without feeling overwhelmed or pressured to start immediately. Dr. Michael Lozman or Dr. Robin Lozman will take all the time you need to answer all your questions so that you and your child are confident when deciding your next steps.

We hope to see you soon!